All businesses supply and consume goods and/or services. Unfortunately, from time to time things go wrong – late delivery, poor performance, payments withheld, damage caused, losses incurred. The next level of difficulty arises where complaints are not upheld or negotiations do not result in resolution.

Karslakes offer a range of services for dealing with:

  • Contract disputes
  • Retention of title claims
  • Disputed Agency or Distribution Agreements

Our experienced lawyers analyse each matter to provide an assessment of the position using the best information available. Sometimes the position is clear but often there are unknowns and uncertainties. We then advise on options, covering outcomes, prospects of success, likely cost and timescales. Clients can then make informed decisions.

We ask clients to seek advice as soon as problems arise. It is understandable that parties attempt to resolve disputes without incurring professional fees. But this can lead to unintended consequences for example: implied admissions of the other sides claim; variation of contractual provisions or even waiving contractual rights. Clients seeking to terminate a contract because of the other parties’ breach, have to be especially careful not to inadvertently breach the contract themselves.

How we can help you

The first part of our service is an Initial Assessment without commitment. We arrange a telephone conference during which we provide an initial assessment of your matter & an indication of what will be involved in time and cost.  Please email brief details of the matter and your contact telephone number to:

Please contact us by email:


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