We offer a full range of Debt Recovery services provided by experienced practitioners.

Unpaid debts appear in all shapes and sizes from single unpaid invoices for modest amounts, through to large running accounts for hundreds of thousands of pounds. From the Creditors’ perspective – at best they will pay to recover money they should have received already; and at worst they will face a write off & irrecoverable professional fees.

At Karslakes we recognise that Debt Recovery is a “damage limitation” process, so we tailor our services to meet the particular needs of each client.

Your options for Debt Recovery

Generally, Creditors will have made their own efforts to recover payment and will have their own views on recoverability. We listen. Our lawyers then apply their expertise and experience to analyse each situation, assess prospects for payment and propose cost effective solutions. Appropriate action ranges from a “solicitor’s letter” (letter of claim) through to Court proceedings and obtaining freezing orders to prevent dissipation of debtors’ assets.

If the matter is straight forward we can issue a letter on the same day we are instructed. Obviously, if the circumstances are more complex, or if the debt is disputed more investigation and preparation will be required. However, we recognise that in all Debt Recovery matters time is critical.

Not all debts are recoverable cost effectively and some debts are irrecoverable. These are facts of business life. If that is our assessment, we will tell you. We have no interest in wasting your time or your money.

However, where debts are worth pursuing we offer prompt action, responsiveness and fair pricing.

How we can help you

The first part of our service is an Initial Assessment without commitment. We arrange a telephone conference during which we provide an initial assessment of your claim & an indication of what will be involved in time and cost.  Please email brief details of the matter and your contact telephone number to:



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