Disputes between Shareholders and Directors span a wide range of issues including: direction of the business and deadlock; diversion of business; exclusion from the decision making process; dilution of shareholdings; unfair payment or withholding of dividends; disposal of company property; and secret profits. Such matters are disruptive to running the business and left unresolved they may lead to business failure and insolvency.

Our experienced lawyers will provide you with the advice you need to make informed decisions. We will support you through any negotiation process including mediation. We also act promptly when proceedings are faced or required.

Our approach

From the outset we will work with you to identify the issues; your preferred outcomes and potential solutions. Once we have established the facts we advise on the legal position and then outline your range of options and our proposed solutions. We also advise on what is likely to be involved in time and cost and the funding options.

We are experienced and successful negotiators. This is important because these days the majority of disputes settle, no matter how complex or protracted.

However, we are also robust litigators when the need arises.

How we can help you

The first part of our service is an Initial Assessment without commitment. We arrange a telephone conference during which we provide an initial assessment of the dispute & an indication of what will be involved in time and cost. Please email brief details of the matter and your contact telephone number to:

David Yeates: dyeates@karslakes.com


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